Monthly Membership Prices


Our members are not restricted to just one style of class, you can freely train whichever martial arts we have available and mix up your training. For example, you might want to take the 4 classes per week membership, in those 4 times you can mix your training in any combination, e.g. 1 Okinawan Boxing, 2 BJJ and 1 No-Gi classes.

       The available memberships are:

  • One class per week – £28 per month
  • Two classes a week – £42 per month
  • Three classes a week – £46 per month
  • Four classes a week – £57 per month
  • Six classes a week – £68 per month
  • Seven classes a week – £77 per month
  • Unlimited classes – £100 per month


TRIAL: Unlimited classes for one week – £10


KIDS: £3 per session

LADIES: £4 per session


NOTE: Monthly membership is not available for kids and ladies classes. It is currently only pay per session.